An Interview with Kristina Zubrickaitė

“The most beautiful thing in concerts, mainly in classical music, is when people start crying. It makes you feel happy because you produced everything perfectly.”


For this interview we talked to Kristina Zubrickaitė, a first year BA Music student from Lithuania. Her main instrument is the Cello but she “can also play Piano. I’ve also played with Guitar but I have only taught myself, I haven’t had any lessons on that.” Kristina has been playing for an impressive length of time, “Cello ten years, Piano nine years”. She was inspired by her sister to start playing the Cello, “she went to music school. In the last year I was at her graduation ceremony and I thought, I want to play.”

I asked her what style she plays in, “Basically it’s classical music. We have a strong tradition to play classical music but I’ve been getting into Jazz pieces, I really like to play Claude Bolling music. Also last year I was playing in the Symphony Orchestra and we played a couple of pieces of Cage. This is because our conductor is very passionate about contemporary music, also has an ensemble of contemporary music. He knows a lot about this music so now I’m interested in that, especially in Cage.” Classical music is not the only genre she like though, “I am listening to Jazz, Indie and sometimes Reggae.” Her favourite aspect of playing music is playing “concert or gigs but it’s not that you feel like a celebrity, it’s that you’re giving pleasure to the audience. A concert is about music but it’s more to do with giving pleasure to the audience, because without an audience it’s not performance.”

Her influences include “Kristina Vasiliauskaitė (Lithuanian composer), she has influence in church music but she creates it in a contemporary style and she has created a couple of pieces for the symphony orchestra that I have played.
There is an influence from folk songs that I really like as well and world musicians. Another composer is Claude Bolling… He literally creates Jazz music for Flute, Piano and Double Bass… I play in a trio with Piano, Flute and Cello, I have played some of his pieces and they are very beautiful.”

When I am practicing more technical pieces on the Violin, if I can’t play a certain part I get annoyed and have to leave it for a while. I was interested to hear what Kristina’s methods of practice were, “If it’s a fast piece of music or just a lot of short notes my teacher said to me to break it into small parts and just keep playing one bar or a couple of bars very, very slowly about ten times and then play one time in the tempo. After that keep doing it four or five times, just do that. Essentially after doing that you can’t ever make a mistake.”

She has recently started to compose her own music.

I asked Kristina what her hopes for the future were, ”My main plan is to improve my technique skills to professional levels and then to find a prestige orchestra, I don’t know, like a royal orchestra? It would be crazy to if one day I could but also there are a lot of famous orchestras in Europe, America maybe? I definitely want to play in an orchestra… Really I want to play and live in my country but we have a problem with music because we have a point of view that if you don’t go to conservatoire you won‘t be a professional musician… one year I had a Master Class (workshop) with the Professor. I said I want to be a musician and after that he said you can’t study music because you didn’t go to a Conservatoire… maybe if I change my mind that I don’t want to be a musician, I will not stop playing but will not play professionally like in an orchestra or something like that, with classical music. Maybe I would like to be a sound engineer or something like that, I am interested in techniques, I want to know how things work.”

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Matthew Woolley

Matthew Woolley

Matthew Woolley is a musician and Falmouth University student from Shropshire. His main instrument is Folk Fiddle but he plays several others and likes almost all types of music. Matt came up with the idea for Fern Sessions after wanting there to be more opportunities for 1st year music students in Falmouth to get their music heard. He plays under the name Quantum Penguin (he likes Penguins!) and you can check out his music at

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