An Interview with Mantooth

Dry Bones is my current favourite track, it is very alternative, electro. The combination of sound is thrilling. How do you personally come up with tunes and ideas?

A lot of the time I’ll be trying to replicate what another artist has done on a track. I’ll usually end up making something that sounds completely different but something that I like none the less. I don’t think there is one set way that I come up with ideas though, a lot of it is kind of subconscious.

What instrument would be your favourite, to remix with?

I don’t really use a lot of instruments when making music. For the most part, it’s all made on my laptop. I’ll use a lot of sampling when I’m making music though. I really like sampling dense vocal harmonies, artists like ‘The Singers Unlimited’.

How and when did rap become apart of your musical desire?

I’ve always been a big fan of rap so it’s always had an influence on my music, whether that be making trap-style drums or using hip-hop style sampling.

I initially started out making solely hip-hop instrumentals but I found that, that became a bit tedious and repetitive, so I decided to incorporate elements from electronic music.

Could you compare yourself to anyone in the music industry or would you like to be as big as one person?

I take a inspiration from a lot of places, I try not to confine myself to listening to one genre. I’d say the people I could compare myself to the most would be ‘Flying Lotus’, ‘Shlomo’ and ‘Jonwayne’. I don’t know if there’s anyone I’d like to be as big as, I’m not really concerned with getting big in all honesty.

Mantooth, how did you come up with that name and why did you choose this name instead of your real name?

The name actually started as a reference to the film ‘Anchorman’. One of the side characters in the film is called Wes Mantooth and I just thought it sounded cool.

How regularly do you perform and how often would you like to perform?

As of yet I’ve only ever done two solo performances under the name MANTOOTH. I’d really like to perform more but it’s difficult to find the time.

Me and a couple of other electronic artists have a gig March 2nd at the Killigrew Inn, in Falmouth.

What are your biggest aspirations for your music career?

That’s still something I’m trying to figure out. I still have no idea what I’m doing.

Are you working on anything at the moment that you can tell us?

I’ve just released a small three track EP which you can find on my band camp. At the moment I’m just trying to get ready for this upcoming gig.

We all have our individual opinions on music and the current industry but what is your view on the modern music industry?

The internet has definitely had a massive impact on the industry.

When everyone has a platform to post their music it makes it a lot more difficult to stand out. It seems a lot of the time in order to get anywhere with your music, you have to be super active on social media which is something I really can’t be bothered to do.


 Rowan Matthews (AKA Mantooth) performed at our live session in October 2018. You can find out more about Rowan on his Fern Sessions artist page:

Matthew Woolley

Matthew Woolley

Matthew Woolley is a musician and Falmouth University student from Shropshire. His main instrument is Folk Fiddle but he plays several others and likes almost all types of music. Matt came up with the idea for Fern Sessions after wanting there to be more opportunities for 1st year music students in Falmouth to get their music heard. He plays under the name Quantum Penguin (he likes Penguins!) and you can check out his music at

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